Amber Congregational Church

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Our Weekly Schedule



Sunday School


Choir Practice


Bible Study

9:30 am

10:45 am

7:00 pm

10:30 am

*The Lord's Table (Communion) will be celebrated

on the following Sundays in 2019:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 6,

First Sunday in Lent - March 10,

Maundy Thursday - April 18,

Second Sunday in Easter - April 28,

First Sunday in Pentecost - June 9,

Mid-Summer - July 14,

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 25,

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 8,

World Communion Sunday - October 6,

All Saint's Sunday - November 3,

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 24,

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - December 1.

Our Church's Value Statement and Purpose Statement

We believe the central and primary value in life is relationship,

love relationships with God and with one another.

Loving relationships that are committed to God,

accountable to each other, involved in Christ’s transforming work in our world.

Our Schedule of Monthly Meetings in the Life of the Church


First Wed.

First Sat.

Second Wed.

Third Sat.

Last Sun.


Third Sun of Odd Months

Third Sun of Even Months

Third Wed of Even Months


Last Wed of 1,4,7,10 

Third Sat of 2,5,8,11



Women’s Fellowship

Supper Club

Congregation chooses hymns,

coffee hour after Worship

Worship Committee

Education Committee

Outreach Committee 

Samaritan Committee

Revitalization Committee

8:00 pm

9:30 am

10:00 am

6:00 pm

12:00 pm

12:00 pm

8:00 pm

 8:00 pm

 9:30 am

Worship News and Notes

We will finish the Christmas season with the song of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2. It isn’t usually considered a Christmas passage but it does sing the incarnation of Jesus as well as the coming consummation at his second advent. It seems a fitting conclusion to the Advent/Christmas songs.

As we begin the New Year I will be starting a new series of sermons. The topic is the same one we began in 2018, Retirement and Transition. I announced then that I was not thinking of immediate retirement but that the days are coming and we need to prepare ourselves, you and I, for its inevitable arrival. So in January of 2018 I gave a series of sermons on the retirement of Moses, and in 2019 on the retirement of Joshua. So in 2020 our text is from 1 Samuel 2-7 and the focus is on the retirement of Eli. I have provided an outline below and pray that as we seek to learn and prepare for the future that God will walk with us with guidance and provision. Please read and pray the Scriptures listed below for our Sunday Worship together.

The Advent/Christmas Songs

Jan 5 – Paul’s Song (Philippians

2:6-11, Psalm 5:1-12)

The Retirement of Eli

Correction and Accountability

(1 Samuel 2-7)

Jan 12 – Poor Oversight (1 Sam

2:12-36, Psalm 12:1-8)

Epiphany Communion

Jan 19 – New Leadership (1 Sam

3:1-21, Psalm 18:1-24)

Jan 26 – Misuse of the Covenant and

the Glory Departs (1 Sam 4:1-22,

Psalm 25:1-22)

Feb 2 – Ark Returns to the People

(1 Sam 5:1-7:1, Psalm 32:1-11)

Feb 9 – God Affirms New

Leadership (1 Sam 7:2-17,

Psalm 39:1-13)

The following numbers do not include the final Sunday of the year for either attendance or giving. Our average Worship attendanceduring the month of December was 57. Our financial giving exceeded our budget projections and so far we have received $119,475 toward our projected budget of $108,667.

Thank you and thank God for his blessing upon us in this way.

January Ministers Schedule


Jan 5 – Adelle Reagan, Deb


Jan 12 – Gary Sanford, Roxanne


Jan 19 – Deb O’Brien, Mark


Jan 26 – Deb Eibert, Chuck Harris

Feb 2 – Lynn and Doug LaFrance

Worship Leader

Jan 5 – Dawn Grace Simmons

Jan 12 – Gail Frary

Jan 19 – Nancy Barber

Jan 26 – Cathy Smith

Feb 2 – Sherry Persad


Jan 5 – Dahlia Schultz

Jan 12 – Megan Heath

Jan 19 – Lilly Schultz

Jan 26 – Dahlia Schultz

Feb 2 – Megan Heath


Jan 5 – Deb O’Brien, Jim Frary

Jan 12 – Mark and Brenda


Jan 19 – Dave Heath, Jeff Southard

Jan 26 – Terry Wheeler, Mike Curtis

Feb 2 – Cheryl Curtis, Chuck Harris


Jan 5 – Cathy Smith

Jan 12 – Lynn LaFrance

Jan 19 – Kristin Heath

Jan 26 – Jenn Schultz

Feb 2 – Cathy Smith

Annual Meeting Notice

The church fiscal year runs from January to January but to enable us to get all of our records and reports in order we schedule our Annual Meeting for the first Sunday of February, this year that will be February 2. We convene at 2:00 p.m. In order for things to move along smoothly we print up a packet of reports from all the boards, organizations and committees of the church, along with a proposed budget for the new year and a slate of officers to be elected. If you are responsible for any of these reports please have them in to the church office by January 19 so that they might be printed and available to hand out a week in advance of our meeting. Thank you.

January Birthdays and Anniversaries


Lisa McVicar, Marilyn Fish (2)

David Seymour (4)

Jonathon Just (5)

David Angelo, Jenn Schultz (6)

Garrett Crysler (8)

Jennifer Simmons (8)

Viola Darling (9)

Christine Robinson (16)

Ryan Swierk, Karen Kipp (21)

Melanie Shelley (22)

Karin Bailer (23)

Ellie Southard, Melanie Epp (26)

Trinity O’Brien (26)

Doug Kipp (27)

Teagan Swierk (30)


Dorothy Herold & Hamilton

McCarthy (5)

Christian Education News

We seek to provide opportunities for everyone to engage in some form of routine Bible study. Certainly our Sunday Worship service is a major source of this Biblical learning time and obviously it is open to everyone. Instruction for youth is given in JAM time (Jesus and Me) during the Sunday Worship hour. The Adult Sunday School class meets after Worship and our Friday Bible Study meets each week for an hour, from 10:30 to 11:30. Please feel free to join in at any time.

Outreach News and Notes

Our monthly Friendship Luncheons are not held in either January or February due to the unpredictability of the weather and our concern with regard to having our seniors on the road when the conditions are not good. So our luncheon will be on March 4. We look forward to resuming them and seeing everyone again.

We received this note of thanks from Tracy Longway with regard to our participation in the Gifting Tree. “I would like to thank each and every one of you for your generosity, care for others, and continued support for our Christmas program. Our clients are so grateful to get their specific needs met; they feel very special that folks take the time and energy to give them those things they really need (no matter how odd). A big thanks from me – you make my job so much easier. Have a blessed holiday season and be well. Sincerely yours, Tracy.”

Small bags are available as handouts for the homeless. They contain snacks, toiletries, and some Christian literature. The Outreach Committee has made them up to give to those who stand on the street corners with signs requesting help. Please pick up a couple of them and hand them on to those you pass on your commute. If you would like to contribute to what is put inside these bags here is a list of items that you might pick up and drop off at church in a collection box so marked in the Kish Room (Snacks: Granola bars, cheese and cracker packs or sticks, slim jims, Vienna sausages, raisins, trail mix packs, fruit cups. Toiletries: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, first aid cream, bandaids, antacid rolls, mints, Q-tips, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, wipes, brush, comb. Assorted Items: socks, gloves, mini-flashlight, bungee cords).

Our ministry of Helping Hands is still providing transportation assistance to those needing rides to medical appointments. Contact Jim Frary to request help. If you are able to volunteer to help provide this assistance let Jim know of your availability. He can be reached by phone or email (315-427-3585 or [email protected]).

We ask for your continued donations of non-perishable food items for the food pantry. Our donations are taken regularly to the Durgee Food Pantry in Marcellus. If you would like to make a financial contribution there are cans so marked beside the food pantry collection boxes. Thank you for sharing your plenty with others.

Also our Samaritan Committee stands ready to provide emergency confidential financial assistance to those in need. If you know of a situation that we can address, please contact any member of the committee directly. Financial contributions to the fund are also always appreciated. (Members: Faith Stopyro, Cathy Smith, Jim Frary, Sally Wilson, Cheryl Curtis, Matt Henderson, Rick Chaffee.)

Movie "JESUS"

Have you been to Sight and Sound for any of their musical performances of biblical theater? They really are something to be experienced as they bring the Bible stories to life in a tremendous stage setting. The drawback is that the theater is in Lancaster, PA, a good four or five hour drive. But surprise, surprise, the theater is coming to us. They have filmed their live performance of “Jesus” and are making it available to movie theaters across the country at Eastertime. The local Marcus Theater at the Camillus Movie Tavern in Township 5 is showing the film on April 7,9 & 11.

The Fun Committee would like to offer this as a church outing opportunity and try to get a group together to attend. Ticket prices are $15. The Committee is suggesting that we do the Saturday, April 11 matinee at 12:55 p.m. This would be both a weekend and a daylight time for those not wanting to drive at night. If you are interested, please contact Lynn LaFrance (315-480- 0696, [email protected]). We will need to make reservations in advance so register you interest with Lynn soon.

This would also be a great opportunity to invite a friend or family member to join you. The message of the gospel is clearly presented in the performance so you could use it as a means of outreach to those who don’t yet know Jesus.

Thank You

Again this year Lois and I are grateful to acknowledge your cards and gifts and for making Amber our home. We certainly feel privileged and blessed to be a part of the Amber Church. We thank every one of you.

                                                                     Rick and Lois


Sue Ellen Harris, LCSW-R has opened a counseling practice here at the church and will be taking appointments at 696-8521. Mrs. Harris is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of professional experience addressing oppositional behavior in children and youth, improving marital communication and family functioning, and treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and complicated grief. She will also be holding periodic informational sessions to the general public on a variety of counseling issues. She practices a sliding scale fee structure.