Amber Congregational Church

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Purpose Statement:

Loving relationships that are committed to God, accountable to each other, and involved in Christ's transforming work in our world.

Our church is located in the hamlet of Amber on beautiful Otisco Lake in New York.

Established in 1824

We are proud of our community and glad to be a part of Amber, New York. To us, it is home—a place to settle down and raise a family, to sink down roots, and grow strong together.

As the only church in Amber, we feel a special responsibility to contribute to the community life. In particular we seek to provide a place and a program for the public worship of God.

Of course, there are other services we attempt to provide, but this remains our central focus. We welcome you to join us.


Our Church Value


Relationship – We believe that the central and primary value in life is relationship, love relationships with God and with one another.

Personal Relationship – We believe that personal relationship with God is established at conversion through faith in Christ and repentance from sin. It is maintained through worship by attending obediently to God’s Word in Scripture.

Corporate Relationship – We believe that corporate relationship with others was fashioned by God to be reciprocal and lived out in the community of faith, the church. These are established through covenant profession and maintained through accountability and service.

Family Relationship – We believe that both personal and corporate relationships should follow the pattern God designed in the family unit. Consequently, the love and responsibility inherent in marriage and nurture are to provide the environment and the example for Christian living.  

Membership Links

We believe that Christ's church is bigger than Amber Church. For that reason we identify ourselves with other Christian groups as an expression of our inter-dependence and as a means of providing true church accountability. These associations do not provide the extent of our understanding of the church but they are reflective of our desire to live in unity as disciples of Jesus.

Our denominational affiliation is with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Our denominational affiliation is with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Mission Links

We are pleased to support the following ministries with our prayers and financial contributions. We encourage you to become better informed regarding their ministries and to keep current with their prayer needs by visiting their websites regularly.

Foreign Missions

John Heater - Executive Director of TEAMS for Medical Missions. This ministry works exclusively in Jamaica providing Teaching, Evangelism, Aid and Medical Services. Short-term teams of professional volunteers are sent regularly to provide assistance to those in need. See their latest news at their website (

Carla Flesch - Schools for Haiti has been instrumental in the lives of hundreds of children and adults in the central plain region of Haiti. They support pastors in their efforts to improve the lives of those in 4 communities, build school buildings, two dormitory buildings and other buildings. In addition, they support over 30 teachers and principals who teach over 800 children. Lastly, they support 150 children who would otherwise be homeless with orphanages run by the pastors and their families (

US Missions

His Mansion - Ed Perrine, Ambassador-at-Large. His Mansion offers Christian counseling and long term residential care for those with addiction and substance abuse problems. Located in Hillsboro, NH they accept men and women between 18-35 years of age who are struggling with issues of this kind. Visit their website for more information (

Teen Challenge - Dave Pilch, Executive Director. Teen Challenge is a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization with facilities across the country. The local chapter is located on the south side of Syracuse, NY and is led by Director Dave Pilch. Their website provides additional information on both the local and national programs (

New Hope Family Services - Kathy Jerman, Executive Director. New Hope is a full service pregnancy-aid center in Syracuse, NY. In addition to counseling those with unplanned pregnancies, they also provide adoption resources and abstinence education. A more complete review of their activities is on their website (

Mars Hill Radio (WMHR) - Wayne Taylor, General Manager. WMHR provides Christian radio broadcasting over 102.9 FM in Syracuse, NY. In addition to music, a good number of teaching programs are provided to the Christian community. Check out their website (

Radio Bible Class - Perhaps best known for publishing the daily devotional booklets "Our Daily Bread," RBC ministries also provide a number of other Christian books, pamphlets and TV and radio programing. A full description is provided on their website (

Syracuse Young Life West - Patrick Flint, Young Life is an international ministry that seeks to bring teenagers to faith in Jesus Christ. Our local chapter, led by Pat Flint, operates in the Marcellus, Skaneateles and Jordon-Elbridge school districts. For more information visit the national website (

Women's and Men's Conferences - One of the most helpful and inspiring ministries for women in our church has been the annual LYFE (Live your Faith Everyday) conference held at Bible Baptist College in Clarks Summit, PA in June. In addition, we have attended various Women of Faith conferences in Upstate New York, when possible. For a number of years the men have attended the Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conferences in upstate New York. For information about these uplifting retreats visit their websites (,(, and (